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For the past two decades I have been living my life in connection with children, with their families and the other educators who care for them. I have had the honor of working alongside families in their homes and with children of varying ages in a number of group settings: Early Childhood Education Centers, elementary and kindergarten classrooms and before and after care programs. I have worked with other women and men who have a vested interest in offering the best of care to children, watching with joy and respect as children teach us all about the human endeavor of learning and seeking to quench the ever present thirst of curiosity and wonder. I have learned in every one of these homes and educational centers. And in these many years of teaching, I have spent the most time alongside infants, toddlers and preschoolers, observing and partnering in the first years of people’s lives. It has been an incredible honor and a fertile ground for my own ongoing growth as a human. The building of this site comes from my desire to share my experiences, connect with others in the education community and continue to learn and grow.

I hope you will feel comfortable connecting with me through the site, commenting on posts and sharing ideas.

Sarah Cramer, Co-founder at Preschool by Design

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